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📘 Rule 1: WH+ AUX + SUB+ VERB+ …..…?
(AUX না থাকলে DO/ DID/ DOES আনতে হবে।)
📘 Rule 2: WHO  দিয়ে প্রশ্ন হলে SUBJECT এর স্থানে WHO বসিয়ে বাকি অংশ অপরিবর্তিত থাকবে। শেষে জিজ্ঞাসা চিহ্ন বসবে।)

 1. He went to Kolkata. (Where) 
👉 Where did he go?
2. Leela threw the ball. (What)
👉 What did Leela throw?
3. He made the crime in the morning. (When)
👉 When did he make the crime?
4. Sidda can touch the moon. (What)
👉 What can Sidda touch?
5. He is going to Italy. (Where)
👉 Where is he going?
6. Lady gave the beggar a bowl of soup. (Whom)
👉 Whom did the lady give a bowl of soup?
7. This was his book. (Whose) 
👉 Whose book is this?

8. He went three for safety. (Why)
👉 Why did he go there?

9. They have done this? (Who)
👉 Who have done this?

 How দিয়ে WH - এর নিয়ম

* দূরত্ব বোঝাতে = How far
* উচ্চতা বোঝাতে = How tall
* পরিমাণ বোঝাতে = How much
* সংখ্যা বোঝাতে = How many
* সময়  বোঝাতে = How long
* সাধারন ক্ষেত্রে (কিভাবে বোঝাতে)= How দিয়ে হয়।
1.  Kolkata is 100 kms away. (How)
👉 How far is Kolkata?
2.  The house is 100m tall. (How)
👉 How tall is the house?

3. He bought 2kg sugar. (How)
👉 How much sugar did he buy?

4. He got three pens. (How)
👉 How many pens did he get?

5. They are playing for 3 hours. (How)
👉 How long are they playing?

6. The boys opened the box with a stick. (How)
👉 How did the boys open the box?

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