Monday, April 24, 2023

MCQ of the poem Dawn at Puri by Jayanta Mahapatra. LCC1 . Kalyani University

1. The sea beach mentioned in this poem is—

a) Digha Beach

b) Goa Sea beach

c) Puri Sea beach

d) Western Beach

2. Puri is famous for—

a) Jagannath Temple

b) Shiva Temple

c) Nataraj Temple

d) Mountain.

3. The poem starts at—

a) Morning

b) Daybreak/ dawn

c) Evening

d) Afternoon

4. The poet could hear the noise of—

a) Prayers

b) Crow

c) Wind

d) Wave

5. The sands of puri is described as—

a) Holi

b) Pure

c) Cold

d) Warm

6. The skull in the sand indicates the—

a) Rich country

b) Hungry and poor country

c) Religious country

d) Happy country

7. The poet notices the white-clad—

a) Girls

b) Women

c) Brahmins

d) Widows

8. The widow women wore—

a) Grey sari

b) White sari

c) Red sari

d) Yellow sari

9. The widows have crossed/ passed their lives’ –

a) Childhood

b) Adolescent 

c) Centres/ prime time

d) Old age

10. “Women/ past the centres of their lives”- Here ‘centres’ means—

a) Childhood

b) Adolescent

c) Prime time

d) Old age

11. The widows are wating to enter—

a) Jagannath Temple

b) Shiva Temple

c) Nataraj Temple

d) Home

12. Here the Great temple refers to—

a) Jagannath Temple

b) Shiva Temple

c) Nataraj Temple

d) Kailash temple

13. The eyes of the widows were—

a) Greedy

b) Dull

c) Austere

d) Closed

14. The widows’ eyes stare like—

a) Fish caught in net

b) Fish in the water

c) Sun

d) Skull on the sand

15. The early light of sun is described as—

a) Hot

b) Fail.

c) Cold

d) Powerful

16. The fail early sunlight falls on—

a) Ruined , leprous shells

b) Fish

c) Net

d) Widows

17. The ruined shells are lying—

a) In rows

b) In scattered way

c) Leaning against one another

d) Under sand

18. Who are compared to the lying shell?—

a) Fish

b) Nets 

c) Solitary pyre

d) Widows

19. “A mass of crouched faces”—the excerption is said about—

a) Lying shells

b) Dead persons

c) Widows

d) Fishes in net

20. The poet could see in inner-eyes—

a) The Temple

b) The blazing pyre of his mother

c) The widows

d) The fish in net

21. The pyre makes the poet remember of —

a) Widow women

b) Poet’s mother

c) skull

d) Relative

22. Poet’s mother’s last wish was—

a) To visit puri sea beach

b) To visit Jagannath temple

c) To be cremated on puri beach

d) To make a country tour

23. What makes poet’s thought twisting uncertainly like?—

a) His own wish

b) Scene of widow

c) Scene of pyre

d) Mother’s last wish


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